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The dance was in September, but it wasn't until January that she said she found out the picture was online, on a professional photographer's website, and available for purchase.

  • The evolution continued when Richard and the team saw an opportunity to create a different recording experience for musical artists.

  • The video, which contains some disturbing images and abusive language, has attracted nearly 38,000 views on YouTube as of Monday night.

  • This video which shows a Newark teenager forced to strip naked before he is whipped repeatedly with a belt because of a twenty dollar debt, has enraged city police and drawn national attention since it was posted to YouTube last week.

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The result was that many festivals refused to show it on grounds of child pornography.

  • The final set piece is a work of staggering sexual power as our anti-hero Jean-Baptiste Grenoiulle releases with one flutter of his hand the essence of pure scent from a piece of cloth.

  • In a scene of disturbing sexual content, the couple are having sex unaware of the fact that captain Gerd Wiesler is listening to everything in their bugged apartment.

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