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Fern Arable Character Analysis in Charlotte’s Web

These tiny sparks of awakening accumulate into the searing explosion of the proverbial black hole, exonerating all falsities and unveiling all in common.

  • Every emotion you feel is an accumulation of data.

  • The shuffling of our weather, the erratic behavior of fellow animals, volcanic fury underground, restructuring of water, and the spoiling of plants on a massive scale not to mention the extent of species suicide on Earth are all tell tale signs that the shift towards Source has arrived.

  • At the end he becomes more jealous of Finn and decides he should be the only Finn as he slowly transforms into him.

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The stump where Finn lost his arm is coated by the blood of a Citadel Guardian that made it grow into a small flower.

  • After an hour, I saw that the sun was about to set Aaarrgghhh! He is voiced by in most appearances.

  • After reuniting with Jake in the afterlife, the two choose to reincarnate back into the living world.

  • This is another method that permits quick reproduction.

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